Current Sensorless Microcontroller-Based Battery Management System with SOC and Active Cell Balancing

Muhammad Fikri Ardiansyah, Adha Imam Cahyadi, Oyas Wahyunggoro


Battery management system (BMS) has become an important research topic following the trend and development of the electric vehicle. Although research on Active Cell Balancing, SOC, and current estimation has been carried out, the previous work mostly focused on comparing and developing methods. In this research, we demonstrate the process of designing BMS hardware using a low-cost microcontroller and without using a current sensor. The SOC simulation results produce an RMSE of 0.0832% for the 100% -10% SOC-OCV curve, and the current estimation simulation produces an RMSE of 0.2576 A, while for testing using a 6-ohm pulse load, the RMSE error value is 0.3960 A. The Active Cell Balancing method was successfully performed in simulation with Simulink. Furthermore, our simulation and test results suggest that complex battery models and multiple SOC-OCV curves can be used for better current and OCV estimation results. Our experimental results are also useful to develop a guideline to design a microcontroller-based BMS.


Active Cell Balancing; Current Estimation; Low-cost Microcontroller; State of Charge

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