International Journal of Quantitative Research and Modeling

IJQRM is an official journal of the Research Collaboration Community (RCC) and publishes original research papers which cover the theory, practice, history or methodology of Quatitative Research and Modeling (QRM). IJQRM will act as a platform to encourage further research in Quantitative Research (QR) and Mathematical Modeling (MM) theory and applications. Globalization of market and operations places a tremendous pressure in making timely and accurate decisions using the analysis of data and more accurate information.
The Research Collaboration Community (RCC) was established for an indefinite period of time and was started on 25-05-2019. Recognizing that Quantitative Research (QR) and Mathematical Modeling (MM)are not only an independent science but also a major supporter of various sciences, Research Collaboration Community (RCC) specialists and users and enthusiasts of Quatitative Research (QR) and Mathematical Moodeling (MM) are obliged to: Foster and develop quantitative research; Fostering and developing quatitative research education; & Increasing the role of quantitatively research both directly and as a support of other sciences in order to participate in increasing human resources for the success of nation and state development based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.
In support of the above mentioned purpose RCC in 2020 began publishing the International Journal of Quantitative Research and Moadeling (IJQRM), as a periodic media and other means of communication to channel works and news in the field of operations research as information and knowledge for members and the general public.


ISSN 2722-5046

eISSN 2721-477X

DOI 10.46336/ijqrm

Published By:

Research Collaboration Community (RCC)

Jalan Riung Ampuh No. 3, Riung Bandung, Kota Bandung 40295, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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Vol 3, No 1 (2022)

Table of Contents


Angelo Libre, Aldaba Manalo, Grida Saktian Laksito
Feliciana Yovita Saputra, Wisnu Sakti Dewobroto
Mursalina Mursalina, Raja Masbar, Suriani Suriani
Nita Rislawati, Nardi Nardi, Asmadhini Handayani Rahmah, Fitriansyah Fitriansyah
Syahrul Zein, Onoy Rohaeni, Farid Badruzzaman, Yusuf Fajar, Didi Suhaedi, Erwin Harahap
Vensy Vydia, Susanto Susanto, Sri Handayani, Maulana Bahrul Alam