Wireless Chaos-Based Communication System: Literature Review

Siti Hadiaty Yuningsih, Sudradjat Supian, Sukono Sukono, Subiyanto Subiyanto


Since the early 1990s, a slew of chaotic-based communication systems have been proposed, all of which take advantage of chaotic waveform properties. The inspiration stems from the substantial benefits that this form of nonlinear signal offers. Many communication schemes and applications have been specifically designed for chaos-based communication systems to achieve this goal, with energy, data rate, and synchronization awareness being taken into account in most designs. However, non-coherent chaos-based systems have recently received a lot of attention in order to take advantage of the benefits of chaotic signals and non-coherent detection while avoiding the use of chaotic synchronization, which has poor performance in the presence of additive noise. This paper provides a thorough examination of all wireless radio frequency chaos-based communication systems. It begins by describing the difficulties of chaos implementations and synchronization processes, then moves on to a thorough literature review and study of chaos-based coherent techniques and their applications.


Chaos-based communication systems, chaos implementation, chaotic synchronization.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.46336/ijqrm.v2i1.128


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