Application of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Ecology for Detecting Plant Pests and Animal Diseases

Dem Vi Sara, MDD Maharani, Hafiza Farwa Amin, Yaya Sudarya Triana


Climate change could lead to an increase in diseases in plants and animals. Plant pathogens have caused devastating production losses, such as in tropical countries. The development of algorithms that match the accuracy of plant and animal disease detection in predicting the toxicity of substances has continued through a massive database. Data and information from 10,000 substances from more than 800,000 animal tests have been carried out to generate the algorithms. Plant and animal disease detection using artificial intelligent in the modern ecological era is important and needed. Diseases in animals are still found in several Ruminant-Slaughterhouses. The purpose of the study is to identify the leverage attributes for using of Artificial Intelligent (AI) in detecting plant pests and animal diseases. The use of Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) produces a leverage attribute for the use of AI in detecting plant pests and animal diseases. The results showed that leverage attributes found were: Prediction of the presence of proteins structures produced by pathogens with a Root Mean Square (RMS) value of 4.5123; and Plant and Animal Disease Data will be opened with an RMS value of 4.2555. The findings of this study in the real world are to produce the development of smart agricultural applications in detecting plant pests and animal diseases as an early warning system. In addition, the application is also useful for eco-tourism managers who have a natural close relationship with plants and animals, so that ecological security in the modern ecological era, can be better maintained.


Artificial-Intelligent; sustainable environment; plant-animal-disease; modern-ecology

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